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The Word of God is the center of everything we are and everything we do.  Below you'll find the recent sermons.  You can download a copy or listen to the streaming audio.  If you have questions or need a CD please call Randy House at  241-1989


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06/24/2018Cole Espincade 06-24-2018
Special Sunday Service
06_24_2018.pdf Download 06_24_2018.pdf
Download 06_24_2018a.mp3
08/05/2018Pastor Steve Glory to God
Sunday 1 Thessalonians 2:6-12
08_05_2018.pdf Download 08_05_2018.pdf
Download 08_05_2018a.mp3.mp3
10/07/2018Pastor Steve Identifying With Christ
Sunday 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28
10_07_2018.pdf Download 10_07_2018.pdf
Download 10_07_2018a.mp3
06/03/2018 Message
Special Sunday Service Romans 8
Download 06_03_2018a.mp3
07/01/2018Pastor Steve Ministry Is Relationships #5
Sunday 1 Thessalonians
7_01_2018.pdf Download 7_01_2018.pdf
Download 7_01_2018a.mp3
07/08/2018Pastor Steve Ministry Is Relationships #6
Sunday 1 Thessalonians 1-10
07_08_2018.pdf Download 07_08_2018.pdf
Download 7_08_2018a.mp3

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